high & ultra-high vacuum equipment & technologies

Incorporated in 2007 as a professional B2B sales consulting and technical service company, K.H.R. Associates Inc. is focused on vacuum and high-vacuum techniques and technologies for a wide range of industrial applications, servicing Automotive, High-Tech, Gas & Oil, Power Generation, Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Industries.

K.H.R. Associates Inc. has also been established with the intent to summarize some valuable, unique experience acquired by KHR’s personnel previously, within the last ten years of successful execution/delivering of projects in accordance with the project management (PMP) standards, "Six Sigma" and "Good Manufacturing Practice" guidelines, as well as in compliance with the existing environmental and safety rules & regulations.., always demonstrating flexibility and originality in creative solutions.

As recognized experts in vacuum techniques and technologies, we would like to state that only a perfectly maintained and tested vacuum or pressure system (in terms of leaks) can perform efficiently and safely... since for some equipment with low tolerances of leakage or cross-contamination, the system integrity parameters are absolutely critical.

Thus, we consider HLD (Helium Leak Detection) as the most advanced, coming forth from the scientific community, a non-destructive leak diagnostic technology which detects, pinpoints and quantifies leaks at an accuracy (the gas leakage amounts) in a range of 0.1 x 10-7 mbar x L x sec-1, using mass spectrometry methods to identify the presence of Helium at a molecular level.

If you are interested in keeping your vacuum/pressure equipment healthy, well maintained, and well performing - then please check our next page (HLD – Helium Leak Detection) services to learn more about the specifics of HLD technologies… and do not hesitate to contact us anytime, if/when you’d be interested in our assistance – we always look forward to be of service.